Goodbye Tejas…

Welp, I’m headed back to Blacksburg tomorrow morning to officially start my summertime adventure.  I’ve only been in Texas for a week and a half and I can’t believe I’m already leaving. Time went by wayyy too fast. But I marked so much off of my TeJaS to-do list!:

  1. Eat a Whataburger
  2. Drink a decent margarita because Virginia has no idea how to make them
  3. Watch the Rangers beat up on the Angels…while eating ice cream…out of a mini, plastic baseball cap
  4. Eat another Whataburger
  5. Eat real Tex-Mex
  6. Be reunited and cause shenanigans with my life partner, Tiner
  7. Have a cowboy (or Scott) push me across a dance floor
  8. Dominate a fishing hole
  9. Shoot skeet
  10. See my favorite Tyler lovelies (aka Brit and Kristina)
  11. Eat another Whataburger…maybe a Jr. one this time.
  12. Eat Texas BBQ

yeah, a lot of that was food.  That’s embarrassing but totally predictable.

Texas was lovely but I’m definitely ready to head home to the Burg and start my summertime adventure down the coast this week! Now I can’t wait to meet people in the airport and on the plane tomorrow…I’m suchhh a nerd.

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