Saddle Up

TODAY I START MY SuMMeRtImE AdVeNtUrE!!!!!! Who’s P-U-M-P-E-D PUMPED?? This girl, that’s who.  Except it’s 8am and my apartment is a disaster.

And that’s an improvement from midnight last night.

I spent a lovely day and a half in Blacksburg (oh, I’m going to miss Virginia…and my frizz-free hair…).  I got to see my favorite Hokie Camp Student Directors and the NSP crew (all who I am going to miss dearly) and got to hang out with some other wonderful people while frantically running around town trying to get everything done.

Today, I’m headed fer my first stop in North Carolina.  I hadn’t looked at a map of my roadtrip until today and I realized that I am probably taking THE most inefficient route to Athens.

I’m calling it the “Zig-Zag”.  Rosie, my GPS, will not be happy with me.  Good thing gas is cheap, I’m being super breezy and I’m not freaking out about my apartment disaster.  And good thing I’m not avoiding packing by blogging….

Alright…UnTiL NeXt TiMe….GoODbYe BlAcKsBuRg and GiT ReAdY NoRtH CaRoLiNa!! SadDlE uP!

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