North Carolina: Done and Done

Welp, I just finished spending four lovely days in North Carolina.  I visited the booming metropolis of Fayetteville, Wilmington, and spent the majority of my time at Carolina Beach.    By the way, Atlantic Ocean > Gulf of Mexico.

I had a blast.  Chase got sunburnt on the back of his calf.  I played in the sand like a 7 year old.

We lost a frisbee to the ocean.  And the ocean stole a pair of my sunglasses.  That’s three pairs of sunglasses I’ve lost to a body of water.  But I met a lovely young man, Aiden, who wanted to write my name in the sand.  He’s 4 years old.  And my new boyfriend.

More importantly, we ate seafood until I almost exploded.  And FlipSide crackers, which in my opinion, are the ULTIMATE poolside/beachside snack.  Here’s a picture of my feet.

And I also found out that people in North Carolina drive cars like this…

And this…

Thanks for keeping it classy, North Carolina.  Anyways, I’m happy to be in South Carolina.  It’s absolutely beautiful here and I fully intend on spending most of my time laying by the pool until I am crisp.  And not doing any work for my online classes.  And I’m scheduled to attend a pretty sweet Little League Championship game tomorrow…and everyone knows that baseball games equal ball park food.

Until next time…

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