I left a hub cap in South Carolina

South Carolina was a much-needed vacation from reality.  I got to visit two of my absolute favorite people, Julie and Brandon, for three wonderful days.  I spent 90% of my time by the pool.  Julie let me do laundry.  I ate a lot.  It was magical.

Then I went to their oldest son’s championship little league game!!

Ok, so those are pictures of a Rangers game.  I forgot to take my camera to the game.  But Brett pitched and it practically looks the same.

Then I had to say goodbye to the lovely town of Lancaster, SC and head fer Georgia.  And this is when the story gets interesting…Somehow between the four-hour drive from North Carolina to South Carolina, I lost a hub cap.

Seriously.  This is what I’m driving right now.  I’m “that girl” driving a car with three hub caps.  I’m debating whether or not to buy the fourth hub cap at hubcaps.com or buy one rim that spins…or has neon colors…or plays music.  I don’t know what to do , but either way, I’ve gotta fix this disaster.

Anyways…I”m one step closer to being GeOrGiA BoUNd!

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