“Welcome to Georgia, Darling.”


Well, after a long week of driving, exploring, and staying with wonderful friends, I’ve finally arrived in Athens, Georgia—Home of the University of Georgia.

I reunited with the lovely Erica.

I met some wonderful new people and got to explore Athens.  Erica and I drank some great Sangria…and made the terrible mistake of tasting the fruit.

She will probably kill me for posting this picture.

Anyways, the following morning my contacts set my eyeball on fire so I wore glasses all day and had a puffy, pink eye.  Then the city of Athens gave me a parking ticket outside of the Starbs as a “Welcome to Athens–Now pay us because you’re an idiot” present.  And Starbs gave me a hot coffee instead of iced.  Have you ever drank hot coffee in 104 degrees?  It’s not fun.  It was a rough morning..but after being reunited with my Admin team in the afternoon, things only went uphill.

And, the best news of all!! After unpacking and setting up my new home, I remembered that a lovely person from Blacksburg sent me a care package…

I’m in Georgia.  So I could open it.  And look what I found!!!

Isn’t this the best?!?! Here’s what’s in it:

  1. Peach Rings (which are all gone…that’s embarressing)
  2. Dark chocolate M&Ms
  3. She’s All That DVD
  4. Maroon and Orange Effect T-shirts (So I won’t forget how much I miss Virginia)
  5. Various office supplies (gah I love office supplies)
  6. Tylenol (because I’m working with Undergrads and Middle Schoolers)
  7. A beautiful framed picture

Yeah. My Bestie > Your Bestie.  She is the best and I miss her dearly.

Anyways, after a few days of being here, I’m absolutely loving every bit of it.  My admin team is wonderful (I’ll talk lots about them later).

Oh, and everyone here calls me “Darling” and I loveee it.  It’s so southern.

The other day I was chatting to my friend about how nice and different it is here, and he simply replied, “Welcome to Georgia, darling.”  Ahh…I think I’m going to like it here.

Ok, so I have a ton to do, but I definitely have more stories for later.  I’lL KeEp yA PoStEd oN mY CoNtiNuInG AdVeNtUrE! SaDdLe Up, Ya’LL.


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