A Royal Affair

The first week of camp is donezo.  I seriously feel like I’ve been here for a month.  But everything is going great.  I work with the best people in the entire world and I’m loving Athens more and more every day.

Now, I’m going to share my week with you through pictures. Here are the highlights:

Donald (a residential coordinator at Va Tech) visited Athens for a conference and even though he was exhausted, he still came to say “Hello”…totally made my night.  Well, that and Lee and I practicing our British accents.

Then Friday we had 4 hours of free time for the kiddos which may not seem like a big deal but it was torture.  It was the longest 4 hours of my life.

“Quit running.”

“Put your cell phone away.”

“Don’t eat that.”

“Leave room for Jesus.”

I repeated each one of these line no less than 15 times.

Then Saturday we had Rockband Karaoke for all of the kids…and staff.  Here are some of my lovely staff members in action:

I know. They’re awesome.  Later that night we had our first dance themed “Club TIP.”

First you had to get through these thuggish bodyguards at the door.  They are sooo hardcore and thug-like with their graphic tees.

Then we partied like it was 1999 (which was close to when all of these kids were born). ACTION SHOTS:

Meg will kill me for posting these pictures.  Whoops.

The first dance was a success even though I seriously feel like I’m part of a cult…Anyways…

On Sunday we had TIP TRIVIA…hosted by yours truly and my good friend Lee.  We hosted as Kate Middleton and Prince William.  Why you may ask?  Here’s a conversation I had with some kids while playing cards the other night:

8th grader: “You look like J-Woww from the Jersey Shore.”

Me: “Say what?”

8th grader: “When you scrunched your face just then–you looked just like J-Woww.”

Me: “Girl, I do not look like J-Woww.  Seriously.”

Another 9th grader: “Yeah, she looks like Kate Middleton.”

Another 8th grader: “Yeah, Kate Middleton!!”

Me: “Really?? Aww, thank you. I am a self-proclaimed princess.”

A 9th grade boy: “That wasn’t a compliment.”

Ouch. Yeah, that stung.  But since then, about three other kids have told me I looked like her…and somehow I was volunteered to host trivia…and was told to speak in a British accent.  So I practiced all week!  And I got really good at it.  You couldn’t even tell I was from East Texas.  That’s a lie. But I thought it sounded ok….Anyways…here’s me and my Prince:

Ahahaha. We had a great time. And I finally got to live out my dream of being a princess.  I wish you could wear a tiara everyday.

The beautiful Bailee made out hats.  And here’s some of my crew with them.

I ended the night by seeing that one of my RCs left his door wide open…So I wrote him a note on his desk…In whipped cream.

I’m thoughtful like that.

Alright, week 2 has officially started!! Until next time…Chip Chip! Cheerio!

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