I Miss Omega Lambda

During the school year I work as a graduate assistant in New Student Programs at Virginia Tech which means I get to work with the incredible student leaders of Hokie Camp and New Student Orientation (I have the BEST job in the world).  And while I’ve adored almost every minute I’ve worked in Athens (minus a few key situations like 50 14-year-old boys running shirtless through the halls screaming bloody murder or on-duty scheduling), I miss my Virginia Tech Orientation Assistants and Leaders every day.  I hate that I’m not experiencing Hokie Orientation with them and the NSP crew.

Here are the OAs and the lovely JJo in January…

And another one of my favorite pictures…

They are so wonderful. And attractive.

Well, Orientation Leaders at Virginia Tech all receive a special Omega Lambda t-shirt (get it? OL? for Orientation Leader? k, good).  And each OL is numbered #1-30.  But I have the pleasure of having my very own Omega Lambda t-shirt and I proudly rock #31.

At the beginning of the summer, I was thinking, “How can I show the OLs that I miss them like crazy and I wish I was with them during Orientation?!?” So I decided to rock my coveted Omega Lambda shirt on my Summertime Adventure to the University of Georgia:

I started my adventure in my hometown, Tyler, Texas.  It’s the rose capital of the world…or so we claim…

After Texas, I started my journey through the Carolinas.  So I repped Omega Lambda at Carolina Beach.

Then I got gas in South Carolina….random…

And when I arrived in Georgia, I thought I could teach you some traditions on UGA’s campus…by wearing the Omega Lambda shirt.

The UGA Chapel Bell is next to one of the prettiest buildings on campus, the Chapel.  The bell was originally made to ring before and after class, but now it is rung for any type of celebration.  When UGA wins a football game spectators stand in a long line to ring the bell for hours.  When Obama was elected president, it rang for days. So of course, I had to ring it because MegMeg had arrived on UGA’s campus. Obvi.

Here I am trying my hardest…It’s A LOT harder than you think.

Some of my favorite pictures with the OAs were taken when we were in Virginia Tech’s football stadium, Lane Stadium, for a spring training.

I miss those boys.

SO, here’s Sanford Stadium, Home of the Georgia Bulldogs.  Games played here are said to be played, “Between the Hedges” because there are privet hedges surrounding the field.  This stadium is the 8th largest non-racing stadium in the US. Holla.

And lastly, the Arch.  The Arch was originally created to hold heavy gates to secure campus, but they disappeared around 1885.  To many, the Arch is the front of campus.  Only graduates of the University of Georgia can walk through the Arch; Undergraduates must walk around it or they will never graduate.  You can actually see where the sidewalk is worn down around the Arch because so many have avoided walking through it.

Alright…So that’s all I’ve got for you so far…I’m thinking about all of the Orientation Assistants and Orientation Leaders often so I’m sure I’ll have more Omega Lambda adventures to share soon.

But, good luck this month! Y’all are going to do amazing and I’m P-U-M-P-E-D PUMPED.  Wish I could be there!!  Miss you!!!

**Special thanks to Chaser and Miss Betsy for helping me take the Omega Lambda pics!!

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