Leggo Hokie Camp

I’m back in Virginia and I am a very happy girl. I am finally reunited with some of my favorite people in the entire world. I have been eating, drinking and sleeping Hokie Camp since my feet hit Blacksburg. Here are the highlights:

My first day back, we walked the streets of Blacksburg during Steppin’ Out, a vendor festival, while we took our lunch break from packing supplies. Below are some of my students…with Smokey the Bear…so random. (But aren’t they good looking?)

After packing up everything we headed for Smith Mountain Lake.

Here my boss informed me that I was the Hokie Camp Princess. It was confirmed by the nametag he made for me. #PrincessSwag

After training the counselors were PUMPED for camper arrival day:

Session 1 was AMAZING. The campers and counselors were great and the Hokie Camp staff won the annual Staff vs 4-H Staff Dodgeball game. I’m going to say it was because Putz, E-Or, and I distracted them with our sparkly designer tees:

Anyways, there’s a ton more to come. Session 2 starts up tomorrow and I can’t wait! Leggo.

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