One-Year Anniversary

Today is the day, folks.  Today marks my one-year relationship with the lovely state of Virginia.  It’s been pretty smooth and we’re still in the honeymoon period so I’m feeling pretty solid about this relationship.

It’s been tough having this as my backyard view:

And even tougher hiking to places like this:

And it’s awful going to school with buildings that look like this. This is Burruss Hall and at 8am and 5pm songs play over the bells.  It always makes me smile to hear the Beatles or some Billy Joel blaring across campus.

Fortunately, I think I’ll be able to survive at least another year here.

Besides living in one of the most gorgeous places in the nation I’ve met some truly incredible people: (these are some of my random favorites)

Cohort lovelies…

Orientation Leaders…

My student leaders…

Hokie Camp leaders…

Beautiful friends…

An incredible boss that carries my purse for me at Hokie Camp..

When I moved to Virginia I was in a whirlwind. I spent one day moving in and the next morning I had orientation and then went directly to Hokie Camp that afternoon.  It was crazy but I’m glad to be back at Hokie Camp to celebrate my anniversary.

So, what did I do for the big one-year?  I jumped in the pool with all of my clothes on.  I threw the football around with some of my favorite people.  I raced up a hill with my boss. And, more importantly, I dominated the boys in putt-putt.  Seriously, I was awesome.  You can see Matt having to chip in so I wasn’t too challenged.

Anyways, we also celebrated with a BBQ picnic for the entire Session 3 camp.  That’s a lie.  The BBQ picnic always happens.  But I pretended like it was for me.

Tomorrow’s the last day of camp and I have a lot more to share…get PUMPED.

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