“Hey, Hokie Camp?”

It’s been almost a week since Hokie Camp ended so I thought I should talk about some of the highlights of 2011. I would have done this earlier but one-year anniversaries and skunks got in my way.

So I didn’t explain in my first Hokie Camp post exactly how Hokie Camp works, so here goes:

Hokie Camp is an extended orientation opportunity for freshmen and transfer students coming to Virginia Tech in the fall. It is held at the beautiful W.E Skelton 4-H Conference Center at Smith Mountain Lake.

There are three sessions of 150-300 students. Each session is divided into color groups: Black, Gray, Blue, Red, and Yellow. See if you can guess which Executive member is in charge of the color…It’s like a matching game.

Anyways, here are Emily B-Black, Britt-Gray, Rob-Blue, Mel-Red, and Kyle-Yellow. (All pictured below with two of the Student Directors, Mike and E-Or)

The Student Directors, Mike, Putz, and E-Or worked SO hard this year. They were absolutely amazing and I’m going to miss them terribly.

Camp is three days and two nights of non-stop socializing, learning about Virginia Tech, and getting P-U-M-P-E-D PUMPED for the school year. The best parts of camp are the nightly campfires. A few selected counselors speak about their college experience on the first night of campfire.

The beautiful Amanda, one of the Orientation Leaders, did such a wonderful job during Session 2…

Between Session 2 and Session 3, the Exec team and I got to spend a day without counselors and campers. Kyle, Rob, and I had some major bro time while everyone else slept. We used this time to buy meat at the grocery store, dance down the aisles of the Dollar General, and purchase $1 energy drinks that seriously rocked our world…and were ultimately a bad idea. I don’t know why or who documented this. It’s probably because I blacked out from all of the sugar.

We explored nature. I, unknowingly, was bit by a spider on the back of my knee the first day of camp. Some people tried to convince me it was Lyme disease so I was freaked out for a few days. But it was just a spider. I had super powers for a few days. No biggy.

The Execs fed another spider outside of our office a bug and the spider grew 8x its normal size in two days. I’m pretty sure the caterpillar they found (pictured below) was poisonous but they carried around any way.

However the most important component of Hokie Camp is one thing and one thing only. Bonding? No. Friendship? Nope. Being Hokies? Kind of. But not really.

It’s Dodgeball.

The Hokie Camp staff plays the winning color group of the session and then plays the 4-H staff. It’s a huge deal. And this year, for the first time in the four year history of camp, the Hokie Camp staff beat the 4-H Staff 2 out of 3 games.

It’s the little things that make you happy inside.

Rick and I were seriously planning our first moves.

I just realized that Kyle is making the same face in both of these pictures. He’s such an awkward Indian.

I seriously want to remember what happened during this picture but I can’t. Adrenaline was pumping. I’m going to say it was because Putz hit Chris in the face. Let’s go with that.

Anyways, I’m going to miss this crew so much…

Camp was a huge success this year. I had a blast, but I was unbelievably exhausted from a non-stop summer. I’m so glad to be home, sitting on my couch with Kingsy. But I’m definitely ready for my next adventure. Hopefully next time I blog it won’t involve a skunk or a spider bite.

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