Never a Dull Moment

I am halfway through the second week of school. I am halfway through the second week of school.  Sorry, I had to write it twice because I don’t believe it.  Every time I look at my calendar I have a panic attack.  So much to do this semester…but I’m ready to dominate.  Bring it on.

The time I have been here has been cray cray.  There is never a dull moment when you work on a college campus.  I guess the week started when I helped out with the Hokie Hi Picnic.  The students came to get PUMPED for school, hear from some athletic coaches and meet the players.

We had a great turn out.  But I was mostly excited to be inside Lane Stadium.  I’m so ready for football season!

I tried to get Rick to throw me a touchdown on the field.

He was all, “The groundsmen wouldn’t be really happy with us if we ran on the field.”

And I was all, “Ugh, but how many times will we get to do this?”

And he was all, “I don’t want to get fired.”

And I was all, “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

And he’s all, “I left it in my twenties.”

And I was all, “Ugh.”

I’m pretty sure that’s how the convo went.

More importantly, I met the Hokie Bird for the first time.  Y’all…it was definitely past due a dry cleaning appointment…but whatev.  You can tell I caught a whiff as soon as the pic was snapped.

Back at the office we had a ton (literally a ton) of these stress-relief type football giveaways that had the incorrect promotional website on them.  After debating whether or not to throw them away for over a year, we finally decided to toss them.  There was a dumpster placed right next to our office because of all the students moving in so it was also very convenient.  Here are the Dean, Rick, and JJo practicing their aim.

Dean Brown practicing his punting skill.

Umm…JJo got a little excited…and kicked one in the dumpster…along with her shoe…

Rick to the rescue…Gross.

Later in the week we worked Gobblerfest. We passed out 7oo t-shirts in 40 minutes.  I’m pretty sure that’s a record.

We cleaned out our storage unit and threw away 400 pounds of stuff at the junk yard.  That was a smelly adventure and I’d be OK with never having to go there again.

And we’re in the process of recruiting a new set of Student Leaders, updating all kinds of documents, and transitioning into 2011-2012.

With my job, additional time with student advocacy, organizational meetings, committee meetings, training for that silly half-marathon in November, my outrageous social calendar (<–I’m just kidding.  I’m not cool enough to have a social calendar) and class, I’m a pretty busy girl.  But I like it.  It keeps me out of trouble.

See? There is just never a dull moment in my job.

Alright, I’m going to go watch the US Open, bake cupcakes, and run.  Anything to avoid reading for Higher Education Law.  #priorityproblems

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