The Beginning of my Quarter-Life Crisis

I took a vacation from Blacksburg this past weekend to visit some friends in the SEC.  Since A&M is on their way to the SEC I only felt it appropriate to visit.  But mostly I went to Athens, GA to visit Bailee for her birthday.  Athens is a completely different town when students are actually there…I think I prefer it in the summer.  But it is so wonderful…so Southern…I love it when the gentlemen call me “Darlin'”.  Makes my heart flutter.

My driving marathon was good (and tiring…don’t think I’ll be doing it again…ever) and I was really happy to be home on Sunday.  This leads me to my terrible Monday:

I could NOT get going on Monday morning.  I was so tired.  I tried running and I felt like I had 20 pound weights wrapped around my ankles.  I was late to work (for no good reason other than I couldn’t decide on what shoes to wear).  I spilled coffee on my keyboard.  I messed up a few student leaders’ interview schedules. I got a parking ticket.  I was on the struggle bus.

However, a friend convinced me to enlist with his team to do a Tough Mudder at the end of October.  Heard of it? It’s “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet.”  No seriously.  It was designed by British Special Forces and is a 10-12 mile run inter-mixed with obstacles.  Here are some of my favorite obstacles:

Funky Monkey– greased monkey bars (and when you fall, you fall into a pond of ice cold water)

Hold Your Wood– carrying a log up a ski slope

Fire Walker– running through fire….literally

Electroshock Therapy– running through dangling electrical wires holding anywhere between a 0-10,000 volt shock

Yes, I paid money to be tortured.  The race is in 40 days so to prepare I’m benchpressing my couch while sticking my fingers in an electrical socket as I stand in a bathtub of ice cubes.

Can you tell I’m turning 25 next week and going through a quarter-life crisis?  Because I am.

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