The Big 2-5

I hate birthdays.  Not other peoples’, but mine.  They just make me so uncomfortable…I don’t know…it’s just weird…lots of unnecessary attention (like when you’re at a Mexican food restaurant and they put a sombrero on your head?).  And this birthday was HUGE.  I turned 25 on Monday, September 19th and I was FREAKING out.  In attempt to compensate for my freak out this past month I’ve:

1) Taken up piano lessons ( I played for years and I really want get back into it)

2) Signed up for a half-marathon.

3) Signed up for a Tough Mudder competition.

There are a lot of other random, unnecessary committees and activities I’ve chosen to participate with…I feel like the busier I am, the less I have to think about being twenty-five…oh goodness…that sounds huge.

Anyways, I started thinking about why I seriously hate birthdays so much…and I realized that I really shouldn’t because I’ve had some really fantastic birthdays in the past.  Like #20 was a lovely surprise party…Yeah…that’s a tiara…

And #23 was a surprise trip to Fredericksburg, Texas (my favorite place in the world) with my best friends.  We toured wineries, ate, toured wineries, and met some lovely, saucy Southern Belles ( I miss Shelley and Tiner…and Texas)…

Which leads me to my #25.  Here’s a conversation I had with my Pop on my birthday-eve:

Pop: “Well, are you ready to turn 25?”

Me: “No.”

Pop: “Why not? Your insurance goes down.  You can rent a car.”

Me: “I just feel old.  And unaccomplished.”

Pop: “…hmm…Did you buy support hose and wrinkle cream in preparation for tomorrow?”

Me: “Seriously?”

Pop: “I’m just reminding you. You’ll need that stuff.  Do you have gray hair yet?”

Me: “Thanks dad. I’ll buy hair dye, too.”

Pop: “Good.  You gotta cover that stuff up.”


SO, Even though I was completely dreading it, #25 turned out to be pretty fantastic.

{Friday} Jason and I explored Roanoke and sampled some unique, authentic Mexican cuisine…which we later found out to be a chain restaurant.  Jason keeps me thuggy.  His pre-birthday presents earlier this semester included the ‘Carter IV’ and ‘Watch the Throne’.  #swag.

{Saturday} I watched the Hokies beat Arkansas State with some of my favorites.  I ran into a pole in the parking lot.  I ate a Mike’s burger.  It was fantastic.  I’m still bruised from the pole.

{Sunday} The company my buddy Matt works for rented out an amusement park in Richmond so I got to ride roller coasters all day long.  And eat cotton candy.  And embarrass myself by playing ridiculously expensive games.  Did I mention the cotton candy? I love cotton candy.

This roller coaster went 94 mph.  I’m pretty sure I blacked out a little bit.

{Monday} Was my birthday and besides waking up to lovely text messages, phone calls, Skype chats, and voicemails (I’m never deleting your song, Margaux), I woke up to these lovelies on my doorstep 🙂

I definitely didn’t see these when I walked outside to walk Kingsford…so I kicked them over…and all the water poured out…and the vase cracked a little…but aren’t they pretty?

Here are some highlights of the rest of the day: A string of pearls (care of my parental units), lunch with my favorites, a RealTree pink camo iPhone case (It’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen), dinner with beautiful people, and a wonderful surprise from some of my favorite students:

Chocolate and princesses.  They know me so well 🙂

Anyways, maybe 25 isn’t so bad after all.  But, I’m going to go organize my support hose now.  Until next time…

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