I miss Texas. A lot.

This past week and weekend was ahhmaazing.

Thursday, I visited James Madison University with the NSP Crew.  We just went to chat and exchange ideas with their New Student Programs Office.  It happened to be Homecoming week so I got to meet the Duke Dog.

On our way home we seriously passed a horse-drawn carriage on the highway..so random..

And this weekend the Hokies hosted Clemson.  It was 40 degrees, windy, and raining.  I double fisted hot chocolates.

Regardless of my almost staying the entire time, we lost 23-3.  I’m pretty sure someone told me it was the first time the Hokies had not scored a touchdown at home since 1995.

Anyways, I don’t know if it was the tailgating or just chatting with a bunch of Texans recently, but something really hit me this past week- I miss Texas.  I surround myself with some of the most amazing people here and I absolutely adore Virginia, but I still really miss Texas.

It doesn’t help that everyone I know will be in town for the Baylor vs. Texas A&M game in a few weeks.  Makes me miss tailgates and Aggie football. (Yell Leaders >Cheerleaders)

And horses, trucks, cows, roping, etc.  Just cowboy type things and cowboys in general.

And looking for a fishing hole on Google maps and going on an adventure to find it with yer besties.

And cooking dove in Scott’s kitchen every Wednesday.

And the Texas Rangers.

And frolicking through Texas blue bonnets and hanging out with the most wonderful and friendly people in the world.

Sigh.  Alright that’s my rant on Texas.  It feels good to get that out.  For now, I’ll enjoy the cooler weather, mountains, and the amazing folks I’ve met in Virginia.  But 47 days until I set foot in Tejas.  Not that I’m counting…but I am.

3 thoughts on “I miss Texas. A lot.

  1. I know how ya feel…I moved to Pittsburgh in March of ’10. I miss it everyday…especially when it gets cold up here. One day I will be back(hopefully sooner than later) but for now I just have to sacrifice until a job opportunity comes along in my field. I found this blog/rant because I searched, I miss Texas…haha.
    I miss the Dallas Cowboys, TX Rangers, Texas Tech, family, friends, Texas Country Concerts, field parties, hunting in Texas, and many more. Everything about Texas is better than any other state and our pride is like none other. One day….just one day I will be back. /rant

    1. Also…I’m 26 and don’t wanna settle down here(with a girl and all) because when I get back to Texas I’m not ever coming back to Pitt…haha
      My true life can’t start until I’m back for good.

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