That Time I Got Hit by a Car…

This past week was crazy busy and overwhelming.  I had a test, a presentation, Ring Premiere for the Class of 2013, a retreat to the Cascades with the Dean of Students Office, football game against University of Miami and…oh yeah…I got hit by a car.

So let’s focus on the good stuff.  Er, the interesting stuff: Me getting hit by a car.

It was about 7PM and I was running my usual route from my house to campus.  About 2 miles in I was working my way up a hill on campus.  I noticed a truck stopped at a stop sign before a cross walk.  He was stopped so I continued to jog across the cross walk.  All of sudden, in the middle of the cross walk, the truck pushed me into the street as it rolled forward. But because I have crazy skill, I landed on my feet.  The truck stopped and the guy inside just stared at me.  I threw my hands up and yelled, “Are you kidding me?!?!?”

Another student who happened to be walking by ran around the truck and grabbed me and asked, “Are you OK?!?!”  I looked at him and said, “I guess so.”  I looked back at the man in the truck (who was on his cell phone) and after what seemed like 10 minutes of just silent staring, he drove away without saying a word.  The first thing that popped into my head was to remember as much of the back of the truck as possible.  North Carolina plates, tan/champagne color, and Greek letters on the back window. (Greek letters for a fraternity known for their UN-classy and jerk-esque members)

So there I was.  Standing in the street completely in shock.  Did that REALLY just happen??  After standing there, I decided to walk the 2 miles home.  As soon as I got home, I did what I always do when I’m in crisis: I called my boss, Rick.  He suggested that I report the incident to the police.  So I drove to campus and sat in the police station for an hour and a half.  The highlight had to be Dean Brown coming to visit to make sure I was OK (I’m so lucky to work with incredible people).

To conclude the story, the police investigated and tried their best to find the jerk/idiot.  The next day, I chatted with my friend who happens to work with some students in the same fraternity and she was able to figure out who the guy was!  After talking to her, he turned himself into the police.  Stay-tuned because I get to chat with the police on Monday to figure out the next steps.

Did you know hitting something/someone and running is a felony? Because it is.

Oh! And don’t worry..I’m OK.  I just have a really cute bruise on my hip.  And an extreme fear of cross walks.

Anyways, onto better stuff.

Ring premiere was lovely.  SO proud of all of the NSP students who were a part of it.  But honestly, the highlight was fireworks and eating crab cakes with Rick. (I have THE best job ever).

And the Cascades with the DOS…

And you couldn’t have asked for better weather for gameday in Blacksburg.  It was the first time I watched the Hokies walk in.

Anyways, the Hokies won and the Aggies whooped Texas Tech in Lubbock (despite the Raiders spray painting and throwing manure all over the Aggie buses).  And the Rangers won!  Such a great weekend.  Now on to an even busier week this week.  Is it Friday yet?

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