Top Five

I never thought this semester would end.  That’s a lie.  It kind of went by way too fast.  But kind of slow.  Whatever–It’s December and I don’t believe it.  One more semester left of graduate school and then I have to turn into a grown-up.  Gross.

I was thinking back on the past semester and came up with a ‘Top Five’ list.  Here are some fantastic highlights (in no particular order)

1) Hokie Camp

How could this not be a highlight? I stayed at Hokie Camp all three sessions and it was amazing.  I played a ton of dodgeball (and wasn’t very good at it)

And I spent a ridiculous amount of time with these fools.

And I loved every second of it.  Now that I think of it, I should have just written “work” as one of my Top Five.  I work in the BEST office ever with the BEST people ever.  There’s never a dull moment.  Oy.  I graduate in 5 months.  I’m getting all emotional.  On to the next…

2) I ran. A lot.

This semester I did a Tough Mudder…probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

…and then ran a marathon a few weeks later.

Then ran with Brit in her FIRST 5K on Thanksgiving…she did awesome!

It’s scary to think about the total number of miles I ran this semester. But my next marathon is in March if anyone wants to join…

3) Flag Football Championship

If I talk to you on a regular basis, you are well-aware that my co-rec flag football team, Show Me the Money, won the Advanced Championship.  Yeah.  We’re a big deal.

That’s a terrible picture.   But I had a blast playing…when I wasn’t being tackled bt the other teams.  Or getting stepped on with cleats.

4) Beautiful People

I hung out with some absolutely wonderful people this semester.  I wouldn’t have made it through without them.

Here we are freezing at the Thursday night game.

And some of us at the Hideous Christmas Sweater Party

I don’t even want to think about not seeing them on a regular basis when I graduate.   Ugh, I’m getting emotional again.. Gross.

5) Ridiculous Stories

And seriously, I really don’t know how crazy stuff happens to me, but it does.  I mean, how many people get told by Santa on Bourbon Street during Halloween that they are a “bad bad girl“?  Or get sprayed by a skunk?  Or get hit by a car in a cross walk?  Or pay money to put themselves through a Tough Mudder and Marathon? I am a mess.

Now that I’m actually writing this, I realize that I ton of great stuff happened this semester….Making a ‘Top Five’ doesn’t do it justice.  Oh well.

I’m headed for New York City for a few days before heading to Texas.  Hopefully I’ll come back with some good stories…wish me luck!!

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