Cowboy Boots in the Big Apple

My mom and I have this lovely tradition of going to New York City every Christmas.  OK, so maybe we’ve only gone twice…But if you’re an Aggie and you do something twice, it becomes a tradition, right? Right.

We had a great time and explored so much of the city this year.  And just as a disclaimer, we’re HUGE tourists.  However, one man near the subway did asked if I was a local and I simply replied, “Oh, no sir.  I’m frum Tiylur, Texus.”  I tried my hardest to act like a local in the city, but I think the accent and cowboy boots gave it away…

Times square is the absolute last place you want to be on a weekend evening during the holiday–It’s crowded, loud, and touristy–I love it 🙂

And of course we braved Rockefellar Center.  The tree is so gorgeous.

Last year when we explored the city we only went as far as we could walk or we would grab a cab. This year, I finally convinced my mom that the subway is a legitimate form of transportation and she wouldn’t be murdered if we used it.  This meant we could explore downtown.  The statue below was in front of the World Trade Center and was moved to Battery Park with an eternal flame in remembrance. Very cool.

Besides last Christmas, the last time I had been to NYC was ten years ago, so I was pumped to see the Statue of Liberty, the Trinity Church, and Wall Street again.

Even though we saw a ton of incredible sites, my favorite part of our entire trip was the food.  Duh.  There was a great pizza shop close to our hotel.  We went in and started looking over the pizzas in the case:

Mom (pointing to a pizza): “What kind is that?”

Very Italian cook/server: “Sicilian.”

Mom: “Ohhhh…that’s the kind the mafia eats.” (She stated as-a-matter-of-factly)


Mom: “I know this.  I watch the Sopranos.”

Hmmm…I just love her.

Two of my favorite eating spots were Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill (because my Mom and I are Food Network junkies) and Cafe Lalo.  This Cafe was used in the movie “You’ve Got Mail.”  I didn’t see Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan.  I did eat two croussaints, drink some incredible coffee, and want to take home every cake they had in the dessert case.

Cheers, Madre!

I had never been to Little Italy before this trip but I have found my new home.  We went to a little restaurant, Cafe Napoli, and it completely changed my life.  I had the BEST Margherita pizza and cannoli.  You don’t even realize.  And the waitstaff was SO nice.  They brought me some chocolate covered strawberries because I couldn’t decide between the strawberry or chocolate cannoli.  Who says Southern Charm doesn’t work in the North?  Here’s a shot down Hester Street.

Besides exploring more of the city and shopping too much, we saw the Lion King, Jersey Boys (fantastic), and the Rockettes Christmas show.  I just love NYC during Christmastime–But five days is just enough.  I’m glad to be home in the booming metropolis that is Tyler, Texas.  I’m definitely looking forward to some solid family time and friend time with wonderful folks.

Oh, and have a very Merry Christmas 🙂

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