Terrible Twosdays

I’m three weeks into my last semester and I am unbelievably overwhelmed. My most unfavorite day of the week is Tuesday. Let me explain my “Terrible Twosdays”:

On Tuesdays, I take care of two-year olds in the mornings from 9am-12pm at my church while moms attend a bible study. And if you’re unaware, two year olds=the terrible twos. Screaming. Slapping. Crying. Screaming. Poop. It’s so intense. My head hurts real bad every time I leave.

Immediately after, I have a meeting with the Orientation Assistants.

Unfortunately after this meeting I parked illegally in attempt to make it to class on time. The parking ninjas left me a treat on my car:

Then I have a course called Religion a Modernity in the Western World. Do you know what the class is about? Me neither. This doctoral level course is full of philosophy majors who make jokes about Kant and Foucault that I don’t understand. Literally, my face hurts from scrunching it in confusion. What did I get myself into?

After class I have just enough time to go home and walk Kingsford before my next class, College Teaching. I’m learning about the best ways to help college students learn as opposed to focusing on instruction. It’s fascinating and the professor brings chocolate so it’s my fave, obvi.

I’m done with class at 10pm but working 14 hour days (including 6 hours in a classroom) is roughhhhhh. I almost had a mental breakdown after my first Terrible Twosday, but fortunately I have some fantastic people in my life who make my Twosdays much better. I’ll explain the Twosday redemption:

  • I’m running a marathon in Washington, DC on March 17th. I’m planning to raise money for a scholarship fund that’s very close to my heart. My pop surprised me last Twosday by telling me he’s flying in to watch me run and support the fundraising. I was shocked/overwhelmed/thankful/PUMPED when he told me. I can’t wait for him to be here–It means the world to me.
  • I came to work for my lunchtime meeting on Twosday and Rick had pizza for me for absolutely no reason other than he knew I was stressed out and barely had time for lunch. My boss > your boss.

  • I have a big project due on February 15th. Calling it a “big project” is the understatement of the year. My master’s degree depends on this “big project”. I was up late last night working on it and a buddy stopped by at 12:30am with a gallon of chocolate chip and cookie dough ice-cream to get me through the next two weeks. I have the best friends everrrrr. #lucky girl
  • Bailee brought Athens, GA to Blacksburg this weekend. While it was a disaster for the most part (everything goes wrong when we are together), it was a beautiful disaster and I adored every minute of it. She made my week so much better. Meet Bailee:

And us being serenaded by 14 year-olds over the summer..

Oh how I love that girl…Anyways, I think I’m finally in a routine…sort of. I’m ready to dominate life. BRING IT ON, TERRIBLE TWOSDAYS.

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