A Week of Surprises

This past week has been a week of surprises.  I don’t normally like surprises because I’m a planner and I like to know what’s going on…but these surprises were all wonderful.

1) One of my buddies runs track at Auburn and he came into Blacksburg for a track meet on Friday. Surprise! Blacksburg has one of the few indoor track facilities. And it was a surprise because, I mean, who comes to Blacksburg??  It was great seeing him BUT it made me feel like the slowest human being on the planet.

2) This weekend I hiked McAfee’s Knob with some of the Orientation Assistants and Orientation Leaders (I. ADORE. THEM.)

It was surprisingly harder than I thought but also surprisingly beautiful. (Alright, that’s a stretch..but this story had to fit the theme of the blog post). See the beautiful Carly K. and I below.

I sent this picture to my mom and I’m pretty sure she had a heart attack.

 3) I got a Starbuck’s gold card in the mail.  It has my name on it.  You know what that means?  I drink too much coffee.  You know what else it means?  I’m open to anyone willing to donate Starbuck’s gift cards to feed my bad habit and get me through this terrible month (it’ll all be over February 29th!!).

4) I came home on Monday to these on my doorstep:

It was also a surprise because they were sitting in a baggy of water and I didn’t realize it so when I put them on the counter to read the note, water got everywhereeeee.  Oh well, they’re still beautiful 🙂

5) I went into my office on Sunday to write a paper and found these lovelies sitting on my keyboard:

I LOVE the chocolate fairy.  She/He knows me so well.

6) I came home one evening to a package from my madre that included these:

Dark chocolate M&Ms?!?!? Are you serious?!?!?!?

7)  Alright, this one is kind of personal.  After some recent events/great conversations with wonderful people, I decided I needed to clean some junk out of my life–And by “junk”  I really mean old jewelery I’ve kept from old boyfriends.  So I gathered up all of the gold and took it to a local jeweler.  The surprise?  I walked away with a healthy sum of money that I probably should have put away.  But instead I immediately left the store and went on a shopping spree for a bunch of stuff that I didn’t need.  And you know what? It felt GREAT.  I highly suggest doing it.

Anyways, this week of surprises was just what I needed.  Now the project that determines if I get my master’s degree is due on the 15th–I defend it on February 29th.  SO, like I said…Strabuck’s cards are welcome…along with prayers…

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