60 Minutes with Morgen

I’ve taken up a lot of hobbies in an attempt to keep myself busy and entertained since being in Virginia. Some of these activities include spending too much time with two-year olds, playing piano more than studying, and running. A lot of running.

I’m running my second marathon on March 17th in Washington, DC and I am beyond pumped for many reasons:

1) I’m raising money for Lauren’s scholarship fund and YOU’LL have a chance to help me out…stay tuned…around March 1st…

2) Poppa Higg is coming allllll the way to Virginia to watch me run.

C) It’s marathon #2–I WILL beat Oprah who allegedly ran hers in 4:29…pish posh.

4) I get to frolic around DC before and after the marathon…with my Pop.

And lastly (what we will focus on today) is #5:

5) I’ve been working with a trainer, Morgen, for a few months to help me get into the best shape possible for the run.

I got a trainer because I figured working out in the gym could only help improve my time, right? And I totally lucked out with Morgen.

She has never run a marathon but she’s run a bajillion half-marathons. And what’s cool is she’s always wanted to run a marathon and do a Tough Mudder. I’m trying to convince her that if I could do it, she could definitely do it.

Anyways, Morgen is so adorable. She’s this little, fit brunette…but she’s unexpectedly feisty.

The first time we were working out and I started slowing down, she yelled:

“Come on, girl. YOU’RE A MARATHONERRRRRRR!!!” I was a) shocked at the sound that came out of this little girl, and b) shocked that she screamed this in a crowded gym.

But from then on, if I start slowing down or if I don’t think I can go another rep, she’ll yell random stuff like:

“DO YOU WANT TO BEAT OPRAH?!?!?” or “This is NOTHING compared to that 26.2, girl.” Needless to say, I never act tired around her.

She’s awesome. Except she made me work me out so hard last week that I was sore for 5 days. Literally, I couldn’t walk/laugh/breathe/think. I LOVE it šŸ™‚

I look forward to my 60 minutes with Morgen every week and I’m going to be super bummed when our sessions are over. But for now, if you want to be entertained, I highly encourage you to come to the gym at 1:30 on Wednesdays…it’s a good time.

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