What the heck does Row E VIP mean?  I’ll tell you:

This past week a wonderful friend gave me tickets to the UVA vs Virginia Tech basketball game and the seats were INCREDIBLE.  They were Row E and if you’re not good at math, that means 5 rows from the court.  I invited a fellow college basketball fan, Jason, to join.

Too bad the Hokies didn’t show up in the 2nd half or remember how to shoot free throws because we lost.  Anyways, win or lose, I adore college basketball and had a good time regardless.

This week Mr. John Legend came to campus to chat about his education platforms and speak to my soul through his piano.  I didn’t purchase a ticket because I thought I had another obligation that night (and I was unbelievably bummed about it).  BUT a wonderful friend offered me an extra ticket and I was more than happy to accept it.  Guess where the seat was?  Row E.

Once again…count it up.  That’s 5 rows from the beautiful John Legend.

I texted my buddy Jason afterwards because he helped put on the concert and got to meet the man himself.

Anyways, Legend was an excellent speaker.  He had some great points and I was surprised to find out that he is on the board of directors for Teach for America along with some other fantastic non-profit organizations.

Besides being a Row E VIP all week, I’ve been a little stressed out.  But through the encouragement of my boss and my lovely little trainer, Morgen, I’m going to work on slowing down.  Either that or eat more chocolate.

Here are some things I’m counting down that will get me through:

1) 2 days until I present my E-portfolio, find out if I get my master’s degree, and, more importantly, celebrate with a burger at Mike’s (celebrate or eat my feelings if I fail.  Either way works)

2) 4 days until Spring Break

3) 17 days until Poppa Higg comes to Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!

4) 19 days until I dominate marathon #2

5) 34 days until I am reunited with Bailee and the lovely town of Athens, Georgia

Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.

PS And should I have been reading for my religion class instead of writing this blog post?  You betcha.

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