Marathon #2: I beat Oprah.

This weekend I ran the inaugural Suntrust Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in Washington, DC.  If you’ve been keeping up, you know that my pop came into town to watch.

My dad is an interesting character.

Yes, that’s him throwing a “gang sign” while holding a Cadillac emblem he found on the street #thuglife.

Yes, that’s him with his pockets turned inside-out in front of the IRS building.

Yes, that’s a sign he made on the back of his business card that reads “Run Megan Run!” He’s special.

So special.  But I adore him.

We went to the running expo to pick up my packet the day before the race.  He pointed out someone wearing a sweat band and stated, “I need one of those bands for my walks…I’m already a baller, but that would make it official.”

Anyways, the run was miserable.  75 degrees + no clouds + no shade everr + hills + more hills (who knew DC was so hilly?) + a terrible route = MISERABLE. But I got through it (thanks to Drake, Lil Wayne, and Ally’s iTunes giftcard).  I only beat my previous marathon time by 6 minutes, but I’m not complaining because  I BEAT OPRAH. And raised over $1000 for Lauren’s ring endowment.  Whoop!


Here are some pics of the marathon that include:

1) Me and my new best friend Julie.  She’s from the UK and had only been in America 3 months.  We met on the Metro and she’s probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.  She used words like, “the loo” and “swanky.”  Her accent and mine made quite a pair.

2) A shot from the starting line

3) A sign that reads, “TIM TEBOW NEVER RAN A MARATHON.” I appreciated that.

4) Pop at mile #2

5) The Capitol…one of the 15 times I saw it during the run…

6) Me…when I was feeling great at mile #2.

I thought I was going to catch the Metro back to the hotel by myself and meet my dad there….but I was very surprised/happy to see Pop at the finish 🙂

After the run, we explored the city and went to the International Spy Museum.  When you enter the museum, you’re supposed to pick one of about 40 aliases so you can practice being a spy.   Each alias has a background story and you’re supposed to memorize the facts because you’ll be tested on them later.  Here’s a conversation with my dad:

Me: “..Ok, I pick Angelena Falcone.  She’s a 21-year-old Italian travel agent visiting Vietnam..”

Dad: “…I’m Billy.”

Me: “No, you’re supposed to pick one of these aliases, Pop.” *point to the placards on the walls of alias descriptions*

Dad: “I know..*points to one*..I’m Billy.  Billy Henderson.”

Me *reading the Billy Henderson plaque*: “Dad…Billy Henderson is 14-years-old and on a school field trip to France.”

Dad: “I’m going through hormone therapy.”

After learning about spies, we ate on the patio of a fantastic brewery/restaurant.  Have I mentioned that the only reason I run these things is so I can eat burgers, fries, and drink beer?

During our trip, we also explored the Museum of Natural History, the American History Museum, Ford’s Theatre, and the National Archives.

Below you’ll see the Hope Diamond, the Scarecrow’s hat and shoes from ‘The Wizard of Oz”, a T-Rex, Lincoln’s suit he wore when he died, Lincoln’s box in Ford’s Theatre, and a dress worn by Ingrid Bergman as well as the Oscar for Casablanca (one of my all-time favorite movies).

What can I say?  I love being a tourist.

Overall, the trip was a success.  I’m kind of bored with the marathon thing (this last one wore me out) so I’m trying to find something fun to do in the mean time.  Triathlon?  Warrior Dash?  Another Tough Mudder?  However, I’m definitely doing the Marine Corps Marathon in DC next October.

Other than that, I’m adjusting back to normal life in Blacksburg.  My life’s pretty boring when I’m not worried about defending my master’s degree, training for a marathon, or juggling two-year olds.  Anyone up for an adventure?

6 thoughts on “Marathon #2: I beat Oprah.

  1. Megan Higg!!!! I loved reading your Blog! I miss your dad and mom! They are fun people! Your dad always had something witty and hilarious to say! I hope you are doing good, it seems like you are. I do have to say though that all that talk of running , maks me tired. ;0) I am also getting my masters degree in education. How werid??? Wish you the best Meg! Miss you !!!!

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