That Didn’t Take Long

A week ago I was complaining about being bored now that the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon was over.  Welp, it didn’t take long for me to solve that problem.

How you may ask?  Let me tell you:

Rugged Maniac:  I visited my buddy, Jeff, last week and we started chatting about my marathon.  I explained that the thought of running 26.2 miles again made me want to cry and that I wanted to do something fun.  Then he told me that he was doing the Rugged Maniac in Richmond, Virginia in May and invited me to join his team.

My response? HECK YES.

It’s a 5K race with about 18 obstacles designed by Navy Seals.  It’s like a mini-Tough Mudder but with a huge party at the end.  Needless to say, I’m P-U-M-P-E-D PUMPED.

Ring Banquet: I love attending events that are run by the students I work with and one of my favorites is Ring Banquet.  This is a banquet hosted by the junior class ring committee.  Below are two Orientation Assistants, Carly and Christine, at the banquet.  Christine worked so hard marketing for the Class of 2013 and I was thrilled to support her and the other students on the 2013 class committees!

Kappa Delta 5K: On Saturday, my intramural team, Show Me the Money, participated in the Kappa Delta 5K.  We’re all university staff members and we had a great time seeing all of our students supporting Kappa Delta.  Unfortunately it rained during the entire race but 3.1 miles in 24 minutes? No big deal.

Check out my studly team: Meet David, me, shirtless Walker, Jordan, and Jeff.

Show Me the Money Softball:  My intramural team (pictured above) signed up for co-rec softball a few weeks ago.  I’m going to be honest with you: softball isn’t my thing.  I LOVE going to baseball games (eating hotdogs, drinking beer, clapping with the mascot, etc, etc), but I’ve never been great at actually playing softball.

So when the games were scheduled for 10:30pm on my Terrible Tuesdays, I was relieved because I would be wayy too tired to play.  This Tuesday I headed to the fields after my class at 10pm just to say “hey” to the team.  However, there weren’t enough girls to play that night so guess who had to actually play? This girl.  I was wearing boots and jeans…so I had to change into David’s sweat pants, Macy’s shoes, and use Jordan’s glove.  Right field never looked so good…in over-sized, ill-fitting athletic pants…

Color Run:  So there is a 5K that is sweeping the nation called a Color Run.  You dress in white and during the 3.1 miles you are splattered with paint.  I’m headed to Athens/Atlanta, Georgia in April to dominate the Color Run with my lovely friend, Bailee.  So excited!

Divas Half Marathon: Ok, and lastly–I’m seriously considering signing up for this.  Umm..Playing on the beach? Tiaras? Roses? Champagne? Don’t act like you don’t want to run this with me.

SO that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  I love being busy.  Now can someone help me find a job, please?

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