Perfect Summer Supper-Part I

There a few things that make a perfect summer: Baseball games, Grilling, Fireflies, A River, Porch Swings…the list goes on.

Nothing beats good summer cooking and this summer I’ve had a ton of time to play in the kitchen.  So this week, I’ll be making some easy-breezy dishes for you to throw together.

My old roomies and I used to make this all the time…tastes like summertime.

Perfect Summer Squash

You’ll need:

1 medium yellow onion

2 yellow squash

1 zucchini

buterrrrrr (about 6 tablespoons)

salt & pepper


sheet pan

Here’s how ya do it:

  • First, set the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Next, wash and slice the squash and zucchini in equal, medium-thin slices.

  • Then, slice the onion in rings.

  • Want to know the trick on how to cut something round into rings?  Cut a bit off of the side so it will lay flat on your cutting board.

  • Cover your sheet pan with foil and lay the veggies evenly. (I use foil so I don’t dirty my pan.  I hate doing dishes)
  • Place pats of butter around the squash.  Then sprinkle with salt and ALOT of pepper.

  • Cover with foil and pinch to create a packet.

  • Place in the oven for about 25 minutes (check on it…it also depends on how thick you sliced your veggies)

Veggies should be tender and steaming 🙂


Stay tuned for some more recipes. This week, I’m a cooking machine.  Want to come over for supper??

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