One Week Down

I have the best job.  Seriously.  I work with some of the best people in the entire world.  I work for New Student Programs at Virginia Tech which means I get to work with the Orientation Leaders and the Hokie Camp Program.

I get to hang out with the Hokie Bird.

And hang out with the Hokie Camp Student Directors (two people I absolutely adore).  Meet Brittany and Rachel.

Here they are being excited about Hokie Camp.

One day I needed to run errands for the office.  While I was out, I called the office to ask if anyone wanted Sonic Happy Hour.  I was told that  no one was in the office so I decided to not go to Sonic anymore.  I came back to the office and this is what I found.

The other workers in the office didn’t like that I didn’t call them directly and tell them I was thinking about going to Sonic.  I had to put together a chair because I came back empty handed.

Lesson learned.

Anyways, besides putting together chairs, running errands, and helping Hokie Camp, I get to do other fun stuff.  Like watch the OL skits.

And go on adventures.  One day, Brittany and I were on a mission to find a banner that was in our storage unit.

Me: “Britt…I thought I remembered where the storage unit was but I can’t find it.”

Britt:  “Oh, I definitely know where it is. Turn left here.  Then right..”

Me: “I don’t think you’re right.”

Britt: “I’m right, and in a few  minutes who’s going to be bragging? Me.”

Me : “Fine, but I don’t think this is right.”

We pull up to the facility and enter in our 4-digit code…the gate opened.

Britt: “See! I told you!”

After driving around for almost an hour and calling our office multiple times we discovered that…..we were at the wrong storage unit facility.  Thanks alot, Britt.

We’re still confused at how our Storage Unit keypad code worked on an entirely different facility…but whatever.

We finally found the banner a half a tank of gas, rain, and numerous calls to our boss later.

Anyways, one week of Orientation is down–two  more to go!  Stay tuned for more intentional adventures.

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