60 Minutes with Crockett

Before I write this post, I’d like to make a few disclaimers:

A) I didn’t just spend 60 minutes with Crockett…so this is more like, “2000 Minutes with Crockett.”

B) This could get embarrassing.

Meet Crockett (or Crock…whatever I feel like yelling that day).  She is literally one of the funniest/coolest people I have ever met.

We went to grad school together and she recently moved to Wilmington, NC for work.  We saw this as an excellent opportunity to reunite and wreak havoc on the beautiful Wilmington.

2k11 Ugly Christmas Sweater party:

I arrived Friday evening and we immediately headed to dinner Downtown.  We stuffed our faces with seafood until we were literally uncomfortable.  We were both thankful we chose to wear flowing dresses to hide our stomach pudges/ food babies.

Here’s the view from the restaurant.  *FUN FACT* The USS Wilmington was a key battleship in World War II.  It was decommissioned in 1947 and is a piece of history that several people visit each year.

Wilmington has Friday night concerts Downtown and we were lucky to catch a Rolling Stones cover band *FUN FACT* The Rolling Stones just celebrated their 50th anniversary of their first concert.

We decided to call this band “Mack Jigger and the Tumbling Pebbles.” I know, we’re super clever.

That evening we realized the further South you travel, the sparklier women’s tops get.  And sluttier.  We played the game “Who can spot the most sparkly tops?!” Crockett won…

The next day we spent at the beach and we brought along her pup, Lola.  The beach was ahhhmazing.  Our sunburns were not.

Later that evening we went shopping and someone in the Banana Republic thought Crock was my mom.  So, naturally, I’ll never let her live that down.

And then…we stuffed our faces with more seafood.  Then we journeyed downtown to a cute French bistro on the water to grab a glass of wine.  Did I say glass?  Because I meant bottle.  And then a nice gentleman sitting next to us had just finished his dinner and offered us the rest of his bottle of wine.  Who turns down wine?  Not us.

Wilmington was a much-needed vacation and I’m really looking forward to my next visit…like next week #ineedabeach

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