Visors are Not Okay

Meet my friend Bailee.

I consider her one of my very best friends but there’s a catch…..we have absolutely nothing in common.  Nothing.

She’s a Hipster, I’m a Southern Belle.  She’s a blond, I’m a brunette.   She dresses like a Hipster…I don’t.  You get the point.

And I may have exaggerated about having nothing in common because we do share the love of a few things: tennis, wine, Athens, and finally, the hatred of visors.

Bailee and I both agree that visors are one of the most pointless articles of clothing.  I spent the past weekend in Athens visiting Bailee and while laying at the pool, we discussed our visor philosophy in-depth with her roommie, Ivy (pictured with me below).

Here’s our philosophy– You are only allowed to wear visors if:

1) You are over 45 years old and on a golf course.

2) You are an Olympian (no one can mess with Olympians).

3) You are over 45 years old and are in the parking lot of a golf course.

4) Umm..that’s it.

So one evening downtown, Bailee, Ivy and I played a game we called, “The Visor Bro Game.”  This game involves spotting visors at night (which is the worst time to be caught wearing a visor).  You receive one point for each visor spotted.  You receive two points if you chat with the person wearing the visor and mention the visor in conversation. Examples of these statements include:

“Hey bro, I really like that visor.”

“I bet that visor totally blocks out the sun and these bright bar lights.”

“Bro, the way that visor let’s your hair catch the breeze is super cute.”

“How do you keep your hair looking so great in that visor?”

“Did you wear that visor downtown tonight on purpose?”

“Ohh…a camo visor?  I could barely see you.”

The game was on.  We darted in and out of bars, up and down stairs, twisting and winding, trying to find as many visors as possible.

After a few heated hours or so, Bailee and I tied with 8 visors each and Ivy spotted 3.  Overall, it kept us thoroughly entertained and hopefully raised awareness for visor-related fashion crimes in Athens, GA.

So watch out- Bailee and I are hitting every big Southern city to spread awareness.  Your city may be next.

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