Busy Week

This week has been crazy.  At work we were busy preparing for Hokie Camp…and keeping up with the Olympics.

Watching Phelps nab another Gold.

I’ve been on the road a TON interviewing for jobs.  I literally put over 2500 miles on my car in three weeks.  In the end, I was exhausted and grumpy so I was incredibly thankful to my student leaders for helping me move out of my apartment.

Insert picture of the storage unit where all of my belongings live while I’m at Hokie Camp.

Yes.  That’s real life.

I had to say goodbye to 800C–A fantastic place of burning post-it notes, hideous Christmas sweater parties, and spending time with amazing friends on old blue.  I may have teared up as I left.

Immediately after packing away my life, I headed to my favorite place in Virginia, where I started my career at Virginia Tech: HOKIE CAMP 2012.

Here are some shots so far:

Meet Katie and Meghan (Green and Blue Execs, respectively).  You can see them on next season’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’

Here is Dakota (the new NSP GA) and Britt discussing the Hokie Cup.

And finally, Session 1 first night campfire.

It’s only Day 2 of Hokie Camp 2012 and I don’t want it to end.  Stay tuned for regular updates!

Oh…and I’m in the middle of deciding on job offers…so stay tuned for that good news, too 🙂

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