Hokie Camp Update

Dear gussy. Hokie Camp is FLYING by and there’s never a dull moment. This week, we were so excited to host Melissa Gaona from the WDBJ news station. While we were PUMPED to be on TV, we were not excited to be up and ready at 5am. BUT, it was really cool to see how many counselors and campers woke up with the sun to support Hokie Camp.

Here are some pics that describe the morning:


Rick: “Hey guys, so I know I told you that you needed to be here by 5am..but we’re actually not filming until 5:45…”

Execs: “Uhhhh…wait what?”


5:51AM…I love my boss 🙂

6:03AM…The Execs quickly ran to a TV to watch the live interview of counselors.

6:17AM…Sunrise at Smith Mountain Lake. This is my absolute favorite view.

6:23AM…Melissa begins interviewing counselors, execs, and student directors.

6:45AM…The entire camp gathers at the flag plaza for an impromptu dance party.

7:07AM…The camera crew leaves and the camp completes our 15 minutes of fame.

Don’t worry, if you missed the broadcast, just click HERE.

Well, session 2 of Hokie Camp is quickly coming to a close but things are staying exciting here at Smith Mountain Lake as we prepare for session 3! Stay tuned!!

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