Apple Pickin’

This weekend was pretty busy.  Friday was ‘Be a Kid Night.’  We had funnel cakes, spin art, sandy candy, glitter tattoos, etc for all of the Mary Washington students.  The staff ate our weight in coke floats, sandy candy, and funnel cakes.  I was having flashbacks to the hot dog eating contest I had at Hokie Camp and how miserable I was.

Saturday I spent the day with the A&M Club in Richmond watching the Ags BTHO Florida!  Game Day was in Aggieland and I was PUMPED.  Lee Corso was pumped.  The Aggie Club was pumped.

Unfortunately, as usual, the Aggies forgot there was a second half and didn’t win.  BUT, I had a great time in Richmond chatting it up with Ol’ Ags.

Sunday I headed to pick Apples at the Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville, VA.  It was gorgeous and about 70 degrees.

The orchard gave you a sack and you could pick as many as you wanted.  We picked Golden Delicious and Jonigolds.

I was, very seriously, SO excited.  I felt like a little kid.   These types of adventures make my heart smile real big.

I found a good one!

Kyle was our tree-climber.  And he was pretty good at it, too.  Like a monkey.

Kyle would also grab branches and pull them down for us.  Here is Kyle and Christina.

After apple pickin’, we headed back to Fredericksburg because I had meetings all evening.  Afterward, Kyle and I grabbed some much-needed custard at Carl’s and…we drove up on an engagement! It was the most random thing (a man proposing to his girlfriend outside of an ice cream shop) but it was precious.

It was a great weekend and entirely too short.  But the weather is changing and fall is close!  More adventures to come…

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