Birthday: The 26th Edition

This past Wednesday was my birthday.

I’ve been at least 1,228 miles away from some of my favorite people in the world for the past three birthdays–and it kind of sucks.

But…I am SO thankful for the amazing people in my life in Virginia who have made my birthdays so amazing.

This year I received some love from my UMW co-workers in the form of chocolate, a candle in the shape of a cowboy boot, and lunch at my new favorite restaurant, The Soup and Taco.

I also got some sweet UMW swag and balloons. Lots of balloons.

Not to mention this gem when I got home from some other lovelies…

I worked a 13 hour day on my birthday and also had a full day of work the following Saturday–So my buddy, David, came to visit in the hopes of making my birthday a little bit better.

Highlights of his visit include playing Battleship..

Exploring the Spotsylvania Courthouse Battlefield…

And spilling an entire glass of red wine on me at dinner. All over me. Everywhere. The entire glass. My life is so shambly.

Other than that though, it was a fantastic birthday and I am a very happy 26-year old.

I’ll leave you with my father’s wise words on the night before my 26th birthday:

Pop: “..wait, you’re not asleep?”

Me: “It’s 9:30pm…”

Pop: “But you’re old now.”

Me: “Ugh…what’s up, Pop?”

Pop: ” Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. It’s all downhill from here, Meggy.”

Me: *sigh*

Pop: “Go get a good night’s sleep..You’re gonna need it.”

Me: “Thanks, Pop. Love you, too.”

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