The 3Gs

I traveled to FedEx Field in Hyattsville, Maryland this weekend to watch the Hokies take on Cinncinnati.  The game was awful…but the tailgating and reuniting with friends was amazing.

I ran into a buddy’s mom (a woman who I absolutely adore) at one tailgate.  We hadn’t seen each other since last football season so we had some catching up to do.  After chatting for a while, our conversation took a very unexpected turn:

Me: “…and I’m just loving Fredericksburg.”

Friend’s Mom: “Well that’s great!  So…do you have a significant other?”

Me: *Blank deer-in-the-headlights-stare* “Uhh…well, no ma’am.”

Friend’s Mom: “Ohh…so what’s your type?”

Now, I love this question because I have my go-to response that many of you already know.

Me: “Well, I don’t really have a type, I guess.  But I do have ‘The 3Gs.’”

Friend’s Mom: “The what?”

Me: “The 3Gs.  It’s the three the things that I look for in man: Goals, Gentleman, and Jesus…and I know Jesus doesn’t start with a ‘g’ but the ‘j’ sounds like ‘g’ so it works.  My man needs: Goals (something he’s striving for), to be a Gentleman (opening doors, polite to others–the whole shebang <— it makes my heart flutter), and know Jesus (to love the Lord with all of his heart).”

Friend’s Mom: “Oh my! The 3Gs! I love it! And which ‘G’ is most important?  Do you rank them?”

Me: “They’re all important, but I guess the most important is Jesus.  I need a man that loves Jesus before anything else.”

Friend’s Mom: “…I love it.  The 3Gs.  But you know, to stay current, you should probably get 4G.”

I never thought I’d have this conversation with my buddy’s mom, but it got me thinking about my 3Gs.  I’ve dated plenty of men who have the 3Gs but it doesn’t end up working out–Something just doesn’t click.  And I have surrounded myself with guy friends who have the 3Gs but I have no desire to date them.  There must be something missing!

My friend’s mom is right–What’s missing is a 4th G.  There is a magical something that sets a part men I am attracted to from men I am friends with.  But what is this 4th G?






I am in absolutely no hurry to find the 4th G, but suggestions are welcome.  Until then, I’m perfectly content with loving life and surrounding myself with the 3Gs.

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