Home Sweet Homecomings

The past few weeks were full of Homecoming festivities.  There are a lot of pictures so get your mouse ready.

First, I have to start with my quick trip to Washington DC to see two of my very favorite people on the planet, Derric and Hayley.  Derric just finished law school in Texas and had training in DC for his new job.  I drove up to have dinner at Old Ebbit Grill (LOVED IT)  and drinks on a rooftop overlooking the city.  Ohhhh, how I adore them.

It was great seeing them–Like having a little bit of Texas.

Later that week, a beautiful lady I know on Virginia Tech’s Homecoming Court sent me a wonderful surprise in the mail.

And I proudly supported her at work at the University of Mary Washington…

Soon, it was time to head to Blacksburg and celebrate Homecoming.  I drove through Richmond to pick up my Partner-In-Crime, Sam.

At first, we were like, “Yay! We’re going to Blacksburg.”

And then we were like, “Wait, what? It’s like 3 hours away?!”

But then we were like, “Ugh 3 hours…that’s so long…I don’t think I can make ittttt…..”


We finally made it to Blacksburg and I was reunited with some of my favorites, like Carly K.

And my bestie, David.

After a full day of tailgating  I watched the Hokies beat Duke.

But more importantly, I watched the beautiful Christine and John get crowned as the 2012 Homecoming Queen and King.

They are wonderful people and two outstanding representatives of Virginia Tech.

Soon, I had to head home to Fredericksburg for UMW’s Homecoming. I supported SGA by flipping burgers in a long-sleeved t-shirt in 80 degrees for a few hours.  I was rewarded with cotton candy. #winning

David Garabaldi came to campus as our  key event.  He’s this crazy cool artist (as seen on the X-Factor) that paints 6 foot portraits of icons in minutes.

This picture of Adele doesn’t do his work justice, but you get the idea:

The past few weeks have been an absolute roller coaster and I’ve found myself missing home more than usual.  I am so thankful for the home sweet homecomings I’ve had and the people who always make me feel at home.

Important things coming up that you need to stay tuned for: My first trip to Vegas this week AND heading to VT for the Thursday night game.  Who’s excited?!? THIS GIRL.

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