Football Football Football

The past week was full of football.  On Monday, the Redskin Cheerleaders came to campus to perform and sign autographs.  Unfortunately, no one likes the Redskins.  But they were nice.


On Thursday, I headed for Blacksburg for the football game that evening.

VT shirt, Hot Hands, and appropriately colored socks? Check.


Maroon nails with an orange power finger? Check. (That’s for you Meghan B. and Christine T. #NODA2012)


As soon as we got to Blacksburg, Sam and I grabbed a burger at Mike’s Grill with David and Walker.  We immediately proceeded to Sharkey’s to play pool.  No big deal, but I won.  I won big.


After whooping up in pool, we headed to some of our favorite tailgates.  Ever heard of the game “Stump”?  It’s my new favorite.  You literally get a tree trunk and everyone starts a nail.  Each person takes a turn to flip a hammer in the air, catch it, and then take one whack at someone else’s nail.  If your nail is hammered in all the way, you lose.  The goal is to be the last nail standing.


After spending time here, I ran into this lovely.  Meet Meghan.  I adore her.


And soon it was GAMETIME!


The Hokies lost to FSU but I had an incredible 20 hours in Blacksburg.

On Saturday, I traveled to Richmond to watch the A&M vs Alabama game with the Richmond Aggie Club.  If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the summary:



Oh, and then Score Center thought this was important:


Anyways, the #8 Aggies made me proud, Johnny Football made me proud, and I’ll always be a happy Hokie fan…even if we’re riding in the front seat of the struggle bus.

In other news, 5 more days until I’m home in the Lone Star state with a Whataburger in hand. Anyone coming with me?

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