7 Days in Texas: Thanksgiving Edition

Here are the 7 Days of my wonderful, amazing, incredible, relaxing, good ‘ol Texas Thanksgiving:

Day 1: After spending the day at Cabela’s, my family picked me up from the airport. Within 5 minutes, we were at Whataburger.

Day 2: I built a hog trap gate with Poppa Higg in our front yard. Yep. And I ate my weight in Mexican food.

Day 3: I sat on the couch and watched TV. And took a nap.

Day 4: I headed fer College Station!! I stopped by Meredith’s casa to meet the newest edition to their family, Andrew (bottom right).

Then I ate lunch in the beautiful new MSC with Jake and Abby ( I literally cried when I saw the Flagroom (bottom left)).

And then I spent some much needed time with the lovely Tiner (top right). Tiner is my gorgeous bestie and former roommate. She lives in CS and is in her third year of Vet School. Gah, I miss that girl.

I also ate my weight in Mexican food, again.

Day 5: I went to the shooting range with Poppa Higg and his buddy, Joe, who is a former detective. I’d only shot a pistol once before, so Joe taught me all sorts of awesome stuff. He also let me shoot his 40-caliber glock. Now, I want a pistol for Christmas. Is that weird?

…I ate Mexican food..Again.

Day 6: Completed a 5K Turkey Trot with Lauren and Brit. It was the first time Lauren completed a 5k without stopping! And I had a surprise visit from Momma Higg on the route.

We had family over to our casa afterwards for Thanksgiving dinner and it was ahhmazing.

Day 7: I was awoken at 7am so that we could be the first family at the Christmas Tree farm. Oy. Momma Higg wanted this tree..

We settled for this one…

Much better. Momma Higg and I spent the day decorating and watching Home Alone for the first time of the Christmas season. I’ll watch Home Alone no less than five times over the next four weeks.

I ended the day by, wait for it…..wait for it…..Eating Mexican food with the lovely Kristina and some other wonderful people.

It was like a High School reunion that night, as it always is during the Holidays. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time and I’m counting down the days until I’m home for Christmas.

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