The Lenten Season

Happy Fat Tuesday!!

I love the Lenten Season.  Besides Christmas, it is truly my favorite time of year.  There’s just something about the Springtime that makes my heart so happy and, to me, Lent and Easter are the beginning of Spring.

As a Southern Baptist, I never really celebrated the Lenten Season until I lived with one of my very best friends, Christine, who was Catholic.

Here she is on the right:


During the 40 days of Lent, some people choose to give-up something like chocolate, alcohol, bread, etc.  But one year, Christine gave up listening to the car radio in attempt to spend the silence with God.  I thought that sounded extremely hard, but something that I should definitely do.  So I copied her…and have given up the car radio each Lenten Season since.

Think about 40 whole days of no noise in the car.  40 days of silence to and from work.  To and from downtown.  To and from the grocery store.  In traffic.  On a country road.  Silence.  Last year, I traveled to Athens, GA during Lent which meant no car radio for six hours.  It almost sounds like torture.

However, it’s totally worth it.  We live in a society surrounded by noise and distractions.  Anything to constantly keep our attention.  If you take small things away like Facebook or Twitter or Text Messages or car radios, who knows what will come out of that time of reflection.  I’ve had some seriously awesome revelations in a car with no radio.  Just try it.

Happy Lenten Season, y’all!  Eat some King Cake, get yer ashes, and spend 40 days giving back to the One who gave you so much.  Then buy a purdy new Easter dress 🙂

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