Texas Meets Charleston

Meet Shelley.


At our hometown high school, she was the drill team captain.  I was the volleyball captain.  We were NOT friends.  However, we both attended Texas A&M University and through some serendipitous situations, she became my roommate and one of my very best friends.  She’s so breezy and the BEST travel partner.


Shelley and I hadn’t seen each other in a while due to grad school, family vacations, and cross-country jobs.  She  moved to West Palm Beach in January and we decided to  meet halfway in Charleston, South Carolina for a much-needed rendezvous.  I’m still wandering why I didn’t just visit her in West Palm..but it was good to show her around a new city.

Why Charleston?  Because it”s awesome.  And practically my favorite place on the planet.  So Southern.  So beautiful.  I was meant to live in Charleston.

We began our adventure at Magnolia’s.  Soooooo good.


We did some shopping and look what I found!

IMG_2804Tyler Candles!!!  #hometownfamous

One day we ventured into the South Carolina backwoods to visit the Firefly Distillery.  The drive looked like this:


We thought we were lost, but finally found this:



After tasting vodkas, moonshines, and bourbons, we explored outside and ran into a random animal farm.  Shelley made friends with some 8 year-olds and bunny rabbits.


Afterwards we journeyed to Folly Beach.


After about thirty minutes, an extremely cool breeze, and hefty sunburns we headed for Hyman’s Seafood.  Shelley made me try oysters for the first time.




Hyman’s is another “MUST” in Charleston.

On our last day in town, we enjoyed brunch at Toast and headed downtown for massages.  As I mentioned above, we had sunburns…so the massages were a little uncomfortable.  Especially when the masseuse put hot stones directly on Shelley’s red hot back.

That night, Carly K drove in from Columbia to eat dinner at Fleet’s Landing and dessert at Kaminsky’s.  Smores cake.  Chocolate strawberry cake.  Girl Scout Cookie martinis. #heaven


I loved loved loved seeing Carly!

The only thing that would have made the trip better was that if our third partner in crime, Tiner, was with us.  But she had “vet school finals” or whatever…


Don’t you worry, Tine Tine–We’re stealing you away in 2014.

One of these days I’ll move to Charleston, but until then, I’ll keep enjoying these random rendezvous.  Until next time, C-Town.

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