One Day in Williamsburg

After living in Virginia for almost three years, I finally made my way to Williamsburg this weekend.  I was desperate to get out of Fredericksburg last week, so my wonderful friend, Sam, invited me to explore for the day.  Sam’s girlfriend, Camilla, is from Williamsburg and was prepared to be the ultimate tour guide.

I began my travels early Saturday in the monsoon of the century.  Why does rain immediately make people incapable of driving? Ugh.

I met Sam and Camillia in Colonial Williamsburg where we ate at “The Cheese Shop.”  This is a staple in Williamsburg. We ordered incredible sandwiches (with no veggies–they don’t believe in that junk). Thank goodness we arrived there at 11–the place was hoppin’.  And not only can you go in and try the “Cheese of the Day,” but they have incredible chocolates.  Meet my new favorite piece of candy in the entire world:


This is a dark chocolate bar with a hint of chipotle pepper AND PopRock candy.  I highly recommend it.  And I’m kicking myself for not buying more than one bar.  I’m hungry.  Anyone want to go to the Cheese Shop?

After lunch, Camilla took us around her old stomping grounds at The College of William and Mary.  The College of William and Mary is the oldest University in the nation (second oldest college to Harvard) and the first institution to support a Greek life system.  Famous alumni include Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Tyler, Glenn Close, and Jon Stewart.


Camilla took us to the Wren Building, the oldest academic building in the nation.  We were lucky to have a current student give us a tour.  Unfortunately, he smelled like he had a little too much fun in the bars the night before, but we still learned a lot.


This is what a classroom looked like back in the day:

IMG_2969And here is the chapel.  Some ladies were decorating it for a wedding that day 🙂

IMG_2970After exploring more of campus, Camilla headed to a wedding while Sam and I explored Colonial Williamsburg.


Soon, we found our way to the Williamsburg Winery to take a tour.


The winery had a fantastic tour.  Did you know that eating cheese while you drink red wine prevents your teeth from staining?  Well now you do.

Soon, we headed to Camilla’s family’s home.  Her house is literally on the James River…overlooking Jamestown Beach Park.  Ummm, NEWSFLASH: That’s pretty dang cool.


Sam and I spent the rest of the afternoon getting some Vitamin D on the dock and watching the ferry travel back and forth.  It was the perfect day and I didn’t want to leave.


Williamsburg turned out to be pretty amazing and I am looking forward to my next trip.  Maybe I’ll buy one of those Tricorn hats next time. Maybe not.

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