“Honeymoon with my Brother”

I recently read a book called, “Honeymoon with my Brother,” by Franz Wisner.  It’s a story about a man who was left at the alter and, instead of losing his honeymoon, he asked his brother to come along.  After their trip to Coast Rica, they realized how much they wanted to travel abroad.  They quit their jobs (their ridiculously high-paying jobs) and took to the globe four different times for about four months at a time.  They only came home to see their family, attend weddings, etc.

The book outlines their travels through Syria, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and finally a tour of Africa (They hit about a million other countries, but those are the ones I remember). How great would it be to just quit your job and travel–meeting new people, learning about new cultures, seeing things you’ve only ever seen in photos?  Needless to say, the book gave me an unbelievable travel-itch.

So I have come up with a game plan.  I’ve always wanted to pursue a PhD.  In 2-3 years, I think I’ll take a year off, travel, and then start a doctoral program.  I’m currently accepting applications for any partners-in-crime who would like to join me or meet me in the country of their choice.

Here are some steps I have to accomplish before I jump on a plane:

1) Learn Spanish.  Why Spanish?  Yo no se.  I know I want to travel a lot in Latin America, so maybe this will help?  Is it silly that I took three years of this mess in high school, made As, and now I’m having to re-teach myself and get a tutor?  Am I dumb for starting this the same week I’m starting Orientation and my busiest/most stressful time of the year?  Don’t answer any of that.  But I am finding myself wandering around my apartment, repeating, “La mujer come. Las mujeres nadan.  Un nino bebe.”   #fluent

2) Save money.  Oy.

3) Pick a route.  So many places!  Here are some of my thoughts (In no particular order):  Chile, Peru (climb Machu Picchu), Nicaragua, Rio de Jeneiro (Olympics?!), Greece, Austria, Syria, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, Thailand…

Oh snap.  I’m getting excited already.  Alright–keep checking back in on my progress.  Until then– “Los hombres cocinan!”

One thought on ““Honeymoon with my Brother”

  1. I would be in in a HEARTBEAT….if only the fiance could be packed in a bag. You are going to enjoy it SO much! Oh, and best of luck on the PhD-program-hunt!

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