Orientation Season

One of the biggest pieces of my job this year has been creating a new student orientation program for my institution.  In my small student affairs nerd world, it’s been a dream–not many professionals right out of grad school get to create their own program.

Orientation season is always an exciting time on a college campus–students are forced out of their “too-cool-for-orientation” shells, they get excited about classes, and get to meet their future classmates.  I get excited because summertime on a college campus is so boring without students.  Needless to say, I was PUMPED when my Orientation Leader (OL) staff arrived on campus last week.  LET ORIENTATION BEGIN:

The week began with a few days of refresh and training for the OLs. Minus a wicked tornado warning, lack of sleep, and the dining hall being shut down all weekend, it was a success. And bringing Kings always keeps things exciting.


Fast forward to Day One of Transfer Orientation.  Someone dropped their credit card in the toilet.  Meg to the rescue.


I’ve been really stressed out trying to make everything perfect. I’m lucky to work with some fantastic people and have some incredible friends.  I was never running low on flowers, diet cokes, dark chocolate m&ms or SnapChats.




Our week ended with the Vice President of Student Affairs and me surprising the OLs by taking them bowling.


Week One was a success and I’m really excited for our final upcoming week.

Oh! And in other news–I’m headed to Texas in 14 days and California in 30 days…Hurrrrrryyyy uppppppppp.

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