The Dating Adventures of Big Hair and Southern Charm

It all started with a friend nominating me for ‘The Bachelor.’ Let me explain:

I’ve been thinking a lot about dating lately. I think it’s because I’ve been asked out more recently and don’t have the, “No thanks, I have a boyfriend,” or “No, I just got out of a relationship,” excuse to fall back on. But being three months out of a break-up, I don’t think I can make that excuse anymore.

And I’m definitely not one of those, “I hate being single,” kind of girls. I really love being independent and don’t search for a relationship. But lately I’ve been devastatingly aware of my singleness. Let me explain through recent conversations.

I meet weekly with a university committee. One of the members is on faculty and  I absolutely adore her (she’s southern). After meeting for several weeks, she approached me as I walked into the meeting room:

Faculty member (FM): “Meg, do you have a boyfriend?”

Me: “…wait, what?” I was completely caught off guard.

FM: “Do you have a boyfriend? I know this successful businessman in town and I just think you’d be perfect for him.”

Me: “uhhh…wait, what?”

FM: “You can go have a lunch date near campus! No strings–just meet him. He’d just love you. What do you think?”

Me: *wide-eyed stare* “ummm…”

FM: “Oh! Meeting’s about to start. Let me know what you think.”

Me: *wide-eyed stare* “ummm…”

I didn’t know what to think. What does it mean when people assume they know who would or wouldn’t be good for you? I turned down the blind date, but am reminded each week that he is still a very “eligible, attractive bachelor.” Oy.

Fast-forward a month and you find me giving a campus tour to an alum. She was a businesswoman about town and we had known each other about 10 minutes.

Alum: “So, do you have a family?”

Me: “Well, they’re in Texas. But I do have a dog,” I stated with a grin.

Alum: “Ohh…so no boyfriend?”

Me: “Oh, well, no ma’am.”

Alum: “Well, I know this businessman in town. He’s outdoorsy, around your age.. You’d just be perfect! You should stop by my office and I can introduce you.”

Me: “…uh huh…I…ummmm…well…to your left is the student services building…”

This woman knew me for 10 minutes…How am I perfect for someone when you don’t know me? Do I have “Single” tor “Desperate” tattooed on my forehead?

And here’s the clencher:

Friend: “Meg, do you watch The Bachelor?”

Me: *every girl reading this, don’t be shocked* “…no…”

Friend: “WHAT?!?!?!?!? Ok, well, I’m nominating you for it.”

Me: “You’re what?”

Friend: “I think you’d be great on The Bachelor.

And while I thought she was kidding…she wasn’t.


It turns out that the application process is intense so watch out for updates. Do I think I’ll ever make it on The Bachelor? Absolutely not. For heaven’s sakes, my application will include “I like to shoot guns, run marathons, play piano, wear yoga pants, watch football, dance in the car, and I’m incredibly high-strung.” Oh, and this year’s Bachelor apparently plays soccer and I can’t kick things. No, really. I can’t.

Why has dating become so strange? And when you’re 26 and north of Dallas, TX, being single is unheard of. But why? Why am I constantly being matched with the other single person in a wedding party? Or being offered up for blind dates? Or asked, “Are you married? Oh, why not?”

Until then, stay tuned as I stay perfectly content but search for the 3 Gs (or 4 Gs).

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