Grocery Shopping 101

I’m so thankful to have an amazing mom who raised me in a kitchen. I grew up in a house that always smelled like pecan pie, Chex mix, or roast. Not only that, she always encourages me to cook by sharing recipes and surprising me with cookware. I think I’m getting teary eyed missing Momma Higg…

Anyways, I love learning new things in the kitchen, but never took the time to learn new things about the grocery store. I mean, its pretty standard, right? Get a cart, pick up what you want, and pay, right? Wrong.

We have a friend named Susan, who is an incredible cook with an awesome wealth of knowledge when it comes to the food industry. She graciously offered to take a few of us to the grocery store to teach us how to save money and make smart purchases.

We all met at Wegmans (to Texans, this is as close as you’ll get to an HEB). Susan started by showing us a map of the store and explaining what you definitely don’t buy at a grocery store (any pharmacy, hygiene, or cleaning product–save that for the Walmart). But it’s so convenient at the grocery store…..arghhh.


Susan explained that the best time to shop is on Wednesdays from 5-9 pm. Why 5-9pm? Because this is when people tend to be home actually cooking dinner.

After learning some other tips like ‘don’t shop hungry,’ and ‘always, ALWAYS, shop with a list,’ we headed for the aisles..

Meg Peg is READY.


We stopped in the meat section and chatted about the difference in “farm-raised” and “wild” salmon. See below:




Can you see that crazy difference in color?!? Always buy wild–It’s more expensive, but definitely tastes better.

We also talked about buying meat in bulk. Marinate your meat and then freeze portions individually. When you defrost the meat, it will be marinated and good to go. And never buy pre-marinated meat–“If you can’t make a marinade, then you shouldn’t be cooking.”



Don’t buy pre-made meals at the grocery store. They are wildly over-priced and all you are paying for is the packaging.


House brands. Don’t be afraid of them. At most grocery stores, generic brands are made from the same companies and out of the exact same ingredients. The only difference is packaging. You’ll save 25-40% purchasing house brands. #mindblown

Only purchase produce that you will use within four days.

Is that a problem? A lot of vegetables and fruits are flash frozen in the freezer section and are great to use in place of fresh veggies.

Never buy shredded cheese. It has a coating on it and is a waste of money. Always buy a block of cheese and shred your own!

These were just a few of my biggest take aways but needless to say, we all learned a lot. I’d share more, but that would mean Susan would lose her clients…so let me know if I can set you up with her 🙂

Here’s the happy crew:


We’re so smart now! Now I’m hungry.

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