Halloween Trash

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially the fall–the leaves are changing, football season is in full swing, and it’s a blistering 80 degrees.

Fall means football and football means food. Momma Higg knows how to make all of the best snacks and one of my favorites is Halloween Trash. I could literally kill myself on this stuff. So why not share this beautiful recipe with the world?

Halloween Trash

Here’s whatcha need:

16 oz lightly salted or dry roasted peanuts

11 oz candy corn (or candy corn pumpkins or colored candy corn or candy corn ghosts…you get the idea)

12 oz dark chocolate m&ms (medium sized bag)

photo 1

Grab a bowl with a lid.

photo 2

Dump yer ingredients in.

photo 3

Place the lid on and give it a few good shakes so it will look like this:

photo 5

And yer done. Easy right?

It looks a lot prettier with Halloween colored milk chocolate m&ms, but dark chocolate m&ms taste so much better. It’s your call. I’m not going to judge.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Trash

  1. Good call, because the dark chocolate M & Ms go much better with red wine. So now, red wine and Halloween Trash for me!

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