Ponies, Beavers, and a Happy Puppy.

I’ve been in College Station for a few weeks and I already feel at home. I seriously don’t think the smile has left my face. Here’s a quick update of the past few weeks:

I adore my office and the folks I work with. This is probably going to stay up for a few months…

photo 2 (2)

And the view from my office is Kyle Field…no big deal.

photo 1 (2)Pretty terrible, right?

At home, I live with Tiner. I’ve mentioned that, right? It’s no surprise that we’re already on the lookout for new adventures.

Anyways, we’ve been on the hunt for a beaver in our pond. We’ve both seen it in the water at night after feeding the horses and we’re bound and determined to find it. We’re on the prowl almost every day after work. I come home and immediately put my Beans on over my slacks. I kind of wish this was acceptable everyday wear.  #classy


photo 1 photo 2

^^^THE DAM. This sucker has gnawed off some serious trees in the middle of the water, too. We’re guessing it’s about 50 pounds. I’m terrified that it’s going to eat Kingsford.  Here are some fun facts about beavers:

1) They’re monogamous. Awwwwww

2) They build dams because they like still water and they’re very territorial. No surprises for these guys.

3) Last year, a fisherman was bitten twice in the leg by a beaver and died. Ok, so maybe the beaver hit the femoral artery, but still. They mean business.

You’re probably wondering, “What are you going to do once you find the beaver, Higgs?” Excellent question! We don’t know. But it keeps our lives exciting for the time being. We’re hoping to get a few more game cams on the situation. Stay tuned.

Other than scouting rodents, I’m spending time with Tiner’s horses. Hey Dan Bob.

photo 3

Lookin’ good, Scoop.



And I’m spending some good time hanging out with Kings. I think she feels at home, too. I mean, she goes out with me every morning/night to feed the horses and seems pretty comfortable back in Texas.

photo 4

It’s good to be home, y’all. So good. When are you coming to visit?

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