60 Minutes with Kelly from California

Whenever I have a great interaction with someone (usually someone I just met) for 60 minutes or longer, I love writing about them in my blog. This week’s 60 minutes happened this weekend when I headed to Warrenton/Roundtop for Antiques Week.

I had such a great trip to Warrenton in the fall and I couldn’t wait until my next opportunity to go junkin’. So this past weekend, I set out with cash in hand and a partner in crime. Enter: Kelly from California.

photo 2

Kelly works in my office and, outside of work, we hadn’t spent much time together. However, I asked her to join me in the off-chance she may say “yes.” Little did I know, she is an antiques goddess and couldn’t wait to join me on an adventure.

Kelly is a beautiful soul. She graduated from undergrad in California and traveled to Texas in search of a Southern lifestyle, an MBA from one of the top programs in the nation, and to marry a cowboy. Yes, on top of ruling the world and making it on the front cover of Forbes, all she wants is to marry a cowboy.

On our 60 minute drive to Warrenton/Roundtop, we were able to discuss our shared love for country music, shopping, and good food. It turns out, Kelly and I are extremely similar. She traveled to Texas, sight un-seen for graduate school; I did the same in Virginia. She’s a strong independent woman, paving her own way; I’d like to think I am, too. She wants to marry a southern gentleman/cowboy and own a ranch with a wrap-around porch; Ummm helllo!?!? Me toooooooo. DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!?

Anyways, we arrived to Warrenton ready to junk. It took approximately 10 minutes to make our first purchase. Literally. I  knew I was in trouble.

I told her that I had always been an advocate for buying things in the moment–I mean, there is a time to be frugal, but also a time to enjoy what you’ve earned. She agreed and explained further:

“One time I went to the GAP. I found a skirt on the sale rack for $6 and literally have worn it for years. YEARS. So when we’re debating whether to buy something, my mom and I always ask each other, ‘Was is a $6 skirt?’ As long as you feel like it’s a good deal, just go for it.”

photo 3

It turns out that Kelly is a terrible shopping influence. Every time I started drooling over a piece of furniture, she’d immediately encourage me, “Make them an offer, Meg. Do it,” or “That will definitely fit in your car. You should get it.”

Anyways, we walked away with our fair share of junk. BUT we couldn’t leave until I took her to the Junk Gypsy headquarters.

photo 4

Or until she properly frolicked through wildflowers.

photo 1Kelly is slowly, but surely, becoming a Texan…I’m glad I’m here to help. Mark another successful junkin’ weekend in the books, y’all. Watch out for the Fall edition coming at you in October.

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