Worst Fishing Trip Ever

I love being outside. Working out outside. Eating outside. Gardening. Catching up on a back porch. Frolicking with Kingsford.

So when my cousin, Kevin, told me he bought a boat, I couldn’t wait to go on an adventure. Our conversations went something like this:

Kevin: “I’ve limited every day I’ve been on the water. You need to come down here.”

Me: “Great! Christine and I want to have a fish fry!”

Kevin: “Well that’ll be no problem. We’ll have a good time.”

Me: “Well, seriously, if I just catch one red fish, I’ll be happy.”

Kevin: “Oh, you’ll catch more than that.”

So Christine and I headed to Padre after work on Friday with an empty ice chest and our bathing suits in tow. We were READY.

Kevin picked us up at the hotel at 7am and we were on the water by 8. Kevin had the perfect spot for us and we traveled almost 20 miles to get there. Within 2 minutes of my casting a line I got a bite! Unfortunately, it was a hardhead and we threw it back to the water.


Soon, I caught another! It was nasty little lady fish so we threw it back, too. We had been there ten minutes, why wasn’t my ice chest full yet?

After an hour or so with very few nibbles and a dolphin sighting, we decided to move on.


We cast our lines. We caught hardheads. We threw them back. We moved on.

We cast our lines. We caught hardheads. We thre them back. We moved on.

Rinse and repeat until 4pm.

Finally, Christine caught a trout! Aqua Kill #1! Our faith was restored.


Make that our only Aqua kill. Yes, we were on the water for 9 hours and caught one, 15 inch trout. And by “we” I mean Christine.

We tucked our tails and decided to call it quits. Before going home, we stopped by the restaurant at the marina. This restaurant was cool because they would cook what you caught…if it was at least 1 pound. Needless to say, our trout didn’t make the cut.

This pic pretty much sums up the trip.


After drowning our sorrows in wine and shrimp po-boys, we back to the hotel and fell asleep by 9.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our epic fishing trip ended in us catching the following:

  • 15 hard heads
  • 1 lady fish
  • 1 trout
  • 3 sunburns
  • 3 crushed prides
  • 3 empty bellies

Worst fishing trip ever? Maybe. But I’m glad I at least got to spend 9 hours with two of my favorite people. It could’ve been worse, right?

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