Solo Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Not only is it amazing to watch two of your friends commit their love to one another, but it usually means dancing and a mashed potato bar. However, the worst part of weddings is filling out the RSVP card and the dreaded “and Guest” blank.

photo 1

“But why Meg? That’s not hard! Ask someone awesome and you’ll have a great time,” you say.

Whoa there, my friend, apparently you haven’t heard my history with wedding dates. The “and Guest” blank is the WORST. When I started attending weddings, I felt like I HAD to bring a guest—like it was an obligation. “People will think I’m sad and lonely. People will wonder why I couldn’t get a date. Whom will I dance with?”

So with this thought process in my head, I made it a point to always take a date. Here are a few examples of dates I’ve had (*names have been changed to protect the terrible):

1)   I took Thomas* to a wedding with the intention of dancing the night away. Instead, Thomas got a little too excited when he found the open bar and we didn’t dance once. Unless you count him swaying—to and from the bar.

2)   I was a bridesmaid and asked an old college buddy, Andrew*, to join me for the nuptial weekend in my hometown. Emphasis on the word “buddy.” I had absolutely no intention of dating this man and thought I made this extremely clear. Unfortunately, Andrew eventually expressed feelings for me and I had to shut it down immediately. Needless to say, that put a damper on the fun-filled weekend I was expecting.

3)   I went to an outdoor wedding with Anthony* in mid-August, in mid-day, in South Texas. Not only was it a sweaty hot mess, but Anthony was more focused on dancing with every bridesmaid than his date (ahem, me). Don’t worry, I found solace in ice cubes and sangria.

Now, not all of my experiences have been terrible, but the bad heavily out-weighed the awesome. With this in mind, I decided no more dates.

This past weekend I traveled to Virginia to attend the first wedding of the season: Will & Jen. A year and a half ago, I helped Will pick out an engagement ring for his girlfriend. I loved being a part of the process–I was near tears every time we walked into the jewelry store. I was so happy that Will was crazy about this beautiful woman.

With my new “no date” mantra in my head, I joined forces with my good friends, Kim and Liz, to make this the best wedding we have ever attended—and it was. The reception lasted for eight hours and it was AMAZING.

photo 2

I took a break from dancing and walked away from the tent to take in the view of the Virginia countryside. As fireflies glowed around me (oh how I miss Virginia fireflies) I inhaled deeply and was, all at once, perfectly content.

photo 3

This no date thing may be just what I needed. Don’t worry; I’ll let you know how it goes for the remaining weddings. Stay tuned.

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