60 minutes with Mama Lynne

I recently visited my old stomping grounds in Fredericksburg, Virginia to attend the nuptials of two dear friends. While I was in town, I was able to spend a short amount of time with some folks. Included in this group was one of the few Virginia women I designate with the title, “Mama.”

Mama Lynne is a Dean at the institution I worked previously and is one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known. We used to have a standing Thursday lunch date—and I miss it like crazy.

Lynne has an extremely interesting life and here are some fun facts:

1) She had her PhD before she was 30. She was single, independent, and fabulous.

2) One night she went to dinner with a group of people and walked away from that experience knowing she met the man she was going to marry. Five months later they were hitched. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?

3) Lynne will be the President of an institution one day and when that happens, I’m quitting and working for her.

During my recent trip, I woke up at 6:30am on a weekend (after a late night wedding reception) to spend time over Krispy Kreme donuts with this woman. I can talk to her about anything and everything. Mostly, I soak up all of her ‘Lynne-isms’. Here are just a few I wanted to share:

A) “God doesn’t make junk. He just doesn’t.”

There’s a reason for everything. Period.

B) “Fish or Cut Bait”

Lynne is always interested in who I’m dating and is quick to tell me that if he’s not the right one, I need to cut bait. “Timing is everything and you only deserve the best,” she’ll say. I need to record her and put her on repeat.

C) “You can always make time for the Important Things”

Lynne is an extremely involved individual because she gets bored easy and, well, to be honest, she’s just awesome. Lynne has three kids, is involved on several boards, she holds leadership in her church, teaches college courses, serves as a Dean, and is a loving wife. She was recently approached with the opportunity for another leadership position in an organization she’s involved in. She explained that she’s praying about it, but has learned from past experiences that God will give you the outlet:

“…God helps you find time for the important things. If there is something that He wants you to do—a volunteers experience, position in an organization—He will help you find time.” If something isn’t right, then it won’t fit. I’ve realized that also means making a place for spending time with the ones you love. Preach it, Mama, preach it.


You’re Welcome for the Lynne-isms. Breathe ’em in. Let ’em soak. Thank Mama Lynne later.


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