My Day at the News Station

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a meteorologist. This week, my dream came true!

My friend, Kristen, is a local news anchor and invited Kyle, Emily, and myself to the news station for a tour. Needless to say, I was super excited to see the behind-the-scenes of what I watch each morning.

In case you needed to know what we looked like, here’s the crew…we were teaching Kristen how to play 42 one evening…


OK, so we arrived at the studio after brunch and had the place to ourselves.

“This just in! Kyle’s ready to report!”


We traveled back to the control room where the producers control the show. Essentially, all of the commercials, reporting clips, video, and music are controlled on a playlist.



Kristen turned on the teleprompters and we were ready to practice! My goal? To report the weather, of course! Here I am, explaining the rain. The goal is to stay in the square roped off by tape on the floor. This means you’re “square safe” and won’t be cut off on any TV that the viewers are using.

It’s important that you know my weather name is “Megan Mostly Sunny.”


My official sign-off is, “SPF, America.” *wink*


Soon, Emily and Kyle were ready to report, too.

IMG_6011 IMG_6009 IMG_6027

The verdict? It’s a lot harder than you would think! Everything is backwards on the screen. I need more practice.

Soon, I decided to try out my anchor skills.


This is what Kristen sees each morning. Everything is robotic and is run by the control room–There are no people behind the cameras! Crazy, right?


Kyle and Emily headed over to sports and Kristen made sure to give us pointers.

IMG_6034 IMG_6028

And then Kristen showed us the real deal the next morning. Oh, hey Kristen!


Overall, it was a super successful day. I mean, she didn’t ask us to come back on air yet, but I’m patiently waiting by the phone for the call.

“..that’s the weather, folks. This is Megan Mostly Sunny. SPF, America.” *wink*

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