A Weekend of Visitors

I love visitors and this weekend was full of the best ones.

Enter Kendall aka KK. Kendall lives in Houston and has been one of my dearest friends since college. We both took Friday off and headed to the local winery, Messina Hof, for a grown-up date. We ate lunch and followed up with a tour.


Below is the entrance to their Bed & Breakfast. Fun Fact: The doors below came from Louis Pasteur’s (discoverer of Pasteurization and Fermentation) home.


Afterward, we headed in town for a Young Alumni Bar Crawl on Northgate. There was a monsoon occurring outside, but that didn’t stop us.


And these beauties:


On Saturday, we were up early and ready to tailgate. Unfortunately, it was about 20 degrees cooler than what we expected:


Soon Kendall headed back to Houston and  I was off to Dallas…

Every now and then I miss Virginia. The fall colors, Hokie stickers on every car, and wonderful people…

Enter George Mattox (and family). Matt’s cousin created the race series, Savage Race. If you remember, I participated in the race in Maryland last July. If you don’t, you can read about it here. Matt came in to work the race and I wasn’t going to miss the chance to visit him in my home state.

The Texas race was a success and the next day we found a few “Texas-y” things to do. We had brunch at a great place called the Old Texas Brewing Company in Burleson, TX. I judge brunch joints purely on their biscuits and gravy:

A+: That was a heavenly punch of goodness in my mouth.

A: I would eat that again.

B: Hm. Good, but I’ll try Chicken and Waffles next time.

C: What made you think canned biscuits were OK to use?

D: You don’t serve biscuits and gravy?

F: “We don’t serve brunch.”

Old Texas Brewing Company was definitely an A.

After eating, we headed to AT&T Stadium: Home of the Cowboys. I was slightly ashamed that I’d never toured the arena, but then I remembered I don’t watch the NFL and didn’t feel so bad. He got in the way, but that tall guy is Matt.


This place was crazy.

IMG_6399We visited the DC Cheerleaders locker room:



I wasn’t really impressed because I have all those outfits in purple, so whatever.

And then we went to the guys’ locker room.


Now it was time to throw the football on the field.

Below was an attempt to get Matt catching a touchdown. I’m not very good at taking pictures.


After about 20 minutes of catching touchdowns, we ventured up through the stands.


Right after I took this picture, a tour guide stopped us and told us we were in a restricted area. We had to be escorted out by security guards and, for a brief moment, I thought I was going to be arrested.

Don’t worry, no arrests were made.

Overall, my weekend of visitors was a success. Who’s visiting me next??

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